Hug Therapy

Hug Therapy

Hug Therapy: The most comfortable therapy!

Touch and feel represent the human side of all of us who live in a society that increasingly runs away from each other.

The hug is in itself is therapy! The hug therapy was discovered in New York by Dr. Martha Welch of the University of Columbia. She looked for a therapy to restore and strengthen the links between people, whether family, friends, boyfriends or husbands! Age definitely does not matter and its benefits are broad and lasting.

The hug is the best antidepressant there is, has the ability to heal any wound, the power to fill any voids and create perfect harmony to awaken love!

The hug is a medicine and a dessert. It helps so much because the feeling comes from the depths inside. To embrace or be embraced, our emotions emerge and can restore us, feel accompanied and eliminate negative situations that previously could not heal. And so, as starting with the inside of ourselves, the benefits of hugs are also reflected in our physical health:

Regulates sleep and makes this more enjoyable.

Makes our faces look better On the other hand, the hug also helps:

To identify more clearly our emotions.

To end depression!When we argue with our partner and we cannot express our sorrow in a clear and sincere way, a big hug is one of the best options .

For relationships, the art of the hug is something that should always be present.

The physical and emotional heat that provides the embrace of the person we love is the ideal tonic after a long tiring day, after discussion and also to show our love spontaneously, desire or affection, and why not, it is also the perfect way to end the day before going to sleep!

Do not forget that a hug can say what your mouth does not express clearly.

The physical contact of a daily hug is that every couple should start their day with! Top

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