Read the Label before Eating that Bran Muffin - Uncommon Health Secrets Get in the Know

Read the Label before Eating that Bran Muffin - Uncommon Health Secrets Get in the Know

Read the Label before Eating that Bran Muffin

You decided to be a little healthy, so you switched from ice cream to frozen yogurt. Seems like a good choice, right? Actually, you might be wrong. Although frozen yogurt is good in saturated fats, frozen yogurt isn’t so good after you load it with yummy, sugary toppings. It’s almost equal to ice cream. Like frozen yogurt, there are many other secretly unhealthy foods. These foods may seem healthy but actually aren’t very good for you. We want to let you in on the secret. So look at the list below of secretly unhealthy foods that you might be eating that seem healthy.

You might think since it is a smoothie, it has to be healthy, but these smoothies could have 650 to 1000 calories. These calories come from the large amount of fruit, sugars, and vegetables in every smoothie.

Off for a hike and need some snacks? It might be a good idea to skip the regular trail mix, which is full of small candies or yogurt-covered raisins. Try to get one that has nuts, dark chocolate, and maybe a few pieces of dried fruit, but not too much since dried fruit usually has sugar.

They say diet, so they must be good. Well this isn’t necessarily true. These entrees are usually full of sodium and low in nutrients. Though they are quick, they aren’t really nutritional.

Energy bars might have fiber and protein, but in actuality they are pretty close to a candy bar. Try to find other ways to get fiber and protein. If you’re in a hurry, apples are a great source.

A muffin isn’t a cupcake or a doughnuts, so they seem safe. Muffins, however, are also full of calories of sugar and fat. Though it’s bran, it might not be the healthiest choice for breakfast. Always check the label to see the calories, fat, sugars, etc.

Fat-free is not the same thing as no calories. To replace this fat, the product usually has more sugar, which means more calories. Don’t fall for this trick.

Granola can be good, but having too much can give you a lot of trans fats and sugar. Be careful with your intake. If you know you won’t be satisfied with only a little bowl of granola, try a different cereal that is low in calories, sugar, and fat.

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