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On March 17, 2010, In internet marketing, By Paul Evans

Let’s forget about money for a minute.

I think money is making people fail.

Or maybe more importantly, making people start wrong. And if you start wrong, well you go wrong. And if you go wrong you end up wrong. And wrong would certainly lead to no money, the very thing that got you moving in this direction in the first place.

“How can I make money online FAST?”

“How can I make money online FAST?”

“How can I make money online FAST?”

“How can I make money online FAST?”

That’s the question that comes in most.

Well, I’ll give you the answer and then we’ll get back to the REAL topic.

How to make money fast on the internet.

Step 1: Find a product with a $500+ payout per sale.

Step 2: Create a site for that product as an affiliate.

Step 3: Buy $1,000 worth of targeted traffic

Step 4: After traffic hits and there are no sales tweak your sales process.

Step 7: Repeat steps 3 & 4 until your successful.

Step 8: Once you get your system down, then scale it out.

Ok, now back to forgetting money.

If you want to start right do not start with money. Start with internal conflict.

Find a vision of what should be and what could be and let that become your platform.

When I started is was because of conflict.

“Boring speakers and the audiences who’ve slept through them.”

We’ve all sat through dull, dry speakers. (Some even call themselves professionals.)

There’s no reason for a person to give a boring speech. Maybe everyone can’t be hilarious or fascinating. But everyone CAN share great content. Everyone can.

So I wrote a book about it. And thousands of speakers are giving better speeches. And hundreds of thousands, if not millions of listeners are grateful (and they don’t even know I exist).

And having sold thousands of copies of the ebook, and the confidence course, and the speaker’s profit system.

Well, well, well what do you know? I ended up with money too.

But it didn’t start with the money. It started with conflict.

What market conflict can you solve?

P.S. Jimmy’s offer (and mine) ends in two days…

Paul: Some great stuff. I really enjoy your messages. You are one of a handful of IMs that I really trust!

So true, great advice! Isn’t it interesting how often we get things backwards?

By the way, wish some speakers I’ve heard had found you! LOL

Another solid, nail on the head post.

I remember when I started online not too long ago, my head was constantly in the ‘money cloud’. Kept thinking “How do I monetize this?” “How do I make an income from this?”

Then one day I decided to make a shift. No big catalyst, only one great epiphany: that my God in heaven has everything I need in store for me, and all I need to do is give. Give and it will be given unto me.

Sounds super spiritual, but to me it’s practical. When we start focusing on money, we’re always trying to get more for less. When we take our eyes off the money, we stop thinking about getting paid and start thinking how we can give more. Because it’s a principle: you give, and you will receive.

Along the way, I’ve realised the more important currency: trust. It starts with attention, when people believe that what you have to say is worth their time. If we consider for a minute how valuable time is nowadays, with so many distractions and demands on our time, we recognise that we just can’t take for granted that people actually open our emails, that they actually read our blog posts.

If we’re good enough, maybe people might even start recommending our emails and other free stuff to their friends. Heck, they might even start paying for stuff. But it all starts with giving, with identifying the need out there and meeting it before we think about getting paid.

[Reply]Rose Reply:March 18th, 2010 at 5:01 amExcellent comment. Heck, I don’t even open so much anymore. I have lost the trust of marketers, and along with being frustrating it is hurtful. Sometimes you get the feeling that they are holding back the secret to success for themselves. I do not want my buyers to think that way of me.

[Reply]Thad Reply:March 18th, 2010 at 3:58 pmI recently discovered the secret of success. (Everyone huddle in now…)

A martial arts student approached his teacher with a question. “I’d like to improve my knowledge of the martial arts. In addition to learning from you, I’d like to study with another teacher in order to learn another style. What do you think of this idea?”

“The hunter who chases two rabbits,” answered the master, “catches neither one.”

There are so many experts, gurus and ninjas out there. But I’ve got 3 coaches in the Big Game Plan (Paul, Carrie and Perry) that I’m following and I’m going to stick to them and learn their style.

How I lenjoyed that you speak about the “find a problem – give a solution” in a new way! Conflict!

And yes, “How to make money in the Internet FAST” sells well all kinds of get rich easily just on a click of a button – programs (because it is what so many dream of) but yet leaves behind so many empty handed and emotionally drained.

You point is very, very important.

I think that making money is fine we all need it ?, so business sense should fiest be ,set to serve the customer then all else falls into play

I really like this post. I had this same thought last night. I am frustrated with trying to make a ton of money right away.

If I think about solving problems/conflicts first, and develop a solution to do so, the money will come as a result.

We get so focused and blinded thinking about money, we can’t see/think straight…

2010 is turning out to be one of the most insightful years ever.

What your saying ties in with what Eben Pagan has been saying in his recent video blogs and programme on Wealth Creation. Forget about the money and focus on value, assets that don’t depreciate in value and now your contribution, CONFLICT.

It’s all about adding value and something extra to peoples lives etc…

Great post as always, my friend. I just watched the video at too. Love it. Great timing as I’m FINALLY getting started with public speaking.

Have a very happy St. Patty’s Day and thanks again for the killer content.

Not only do more ‘wanna-be-speakers’ NEED you (LOL) – but this message is HUGE!

‘Carrie, can you GUARANTEE me that this coaching program will pay for itself ASAP?’

[Reply]Thad Reply:March 18th, 2010 at 3:51 pm*wry smile* We’ve all been there Carrie!

Brings to mind a quote I read recently (maybe from Twitter, there’s so many quotes in there) that success isn’t necessarily a result so much as who we become in our journey.

I know that by being a part of the Big Game Plan, I haven’t ‘paid for my coaching ASAP’, but I have…

1. Grown A LOT (business, mindset, confidence, knowledge, skills, personality, influence)

2. Avoided so many mistakes that would have cost me valuable time and money to correct, if my business could have survived them at all! (We often think only of the money we do make, but we conveniently overlook the money that we save by avoiding stupidity)

3. Gotten connected with so many like minded people in and out of the coaching group that have added so much to my efforts. The support and the ‘I know what you’re going through’-ness is SO VALUABLE.

4. The one-on-one coaching that I’ve gotten from Perry so far has been superb. There have been times that I’ve been stuck or discouraged or headed in the wrong direction and he’s been great in pinpointing those issues and helping me refocus.

And that’s not even including all the content, courses, and camps that I get access to.

So it’s not about the money definitely. It’s about who I’m becoming and how much value I’ve developed as a person that people are willing to pay for.

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