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internet marketing list building  Nicheology

In internet marketing, by Paul Evans

Got a text from one of my friends yesterday that said, “Not many ‘profit letters’ this week. I can tell you’re working on something.”

And it’s a total “game changer.”

(Just kidding. I always think it’s funny when I see that in an email.  Some kind of crazy build up to a new release that’s supposed to be the baddest deal ever. And then it’s more of the same old thing.)

But, I am working on a new release.

It’s not a game changer. But it is an “understanding” and a “Finally, I get it” changer.

(Club level members login to your account and you can access it now.)

This month in Nicheology we’re focusing on Building Your List.

(Last month was on Finding Your Niche

The first training session will be available on Tuesday in Nicheology. It’s called LAUNCH. It will cover the reason, rules and complete step by step setup for maximum opt-ins. Plus, you get a high converting squeeze page template.

Everyone “knows” the importance of list building, but few are successful. I constantly hear reports of discouraging opt-in rates. Well, we’ll work on turning that around in the training.

For those who are not part of Nicheology here’s some tips that can help you build your list…

One of the best ways to create a more responsive list is by knowing as much as you can about your list members. If you know, specifically, what each of your subscribers prefer, then you can easily segment your list and send out highly targeted offers.

One way to segment your list is to make a short checklist as part of the newsletter sign up. Simply ask your subscribers to check their interests from a list.

Example: Let’s suppose you run a travel site. Your instructions might say, “What type of vacations interest you most? Please select all that apply from the following list:”

Now you have the ability to write highly targeted emails. For example, if you’re offering a discount vacation package on a choice of ski vacations or cruise vacations, you can use your segmented list to speak directly to your ski fans and your cruise fans.

You send one email to ski fans offering them a discounted ski vacation and you send another email to the cruise fans offering them a discounted cruise. Then you send a general offer to the rest of your list.

Test it for yourself and see how segmenting your list can boost your profits.

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