internet marketing success Nicheology

internet marketing success  Nicheology

In online business, by Paul Evans

Here’s an email I received from one of the Nicheology members, Patrick.

His example and passion is exciting…

Great Webinar Last night! I enjoyed the Space Shuttle and other Aviation themes you utilized. I am a FAA rated Commercial Helicopter Instructor and Multi Engine Airplane pilot so anything aviation related is a hot button for me

Wanted to report in that my wife and I just finished up late late last night launching our first Nicheology PLR/SimpleSixFigures business! We couldn’t have done it without your excellent materials and training!

Your webinar last night was great timing for me, (not a coincidence, and I know you know what I mean Brother, , because I have been spending every free moment during the last 2 weeks getting everything ready. We had set a goal of launching this, our second website, before Dec. 31st, 2009. We achieved our goal with the LORD’s and your assistance!!!

It took us a couple of months to narrow down the niches we felt the LORD was leading us to. We decided on using the Nicheology (name of product) PLR for the Self Liquidating Offer eBook part of it.

I have various squeeze pages setup with Adwords ads driving traffic to them where I give away a list of “buzz words” in exchange for their e-mail address. I then send them to the eBook Sales Page. I also have my Aweber auto responders setup and the first two written. In fact, in the second one which goes out 4 days after someone subscribes, I ask them to let me know what types of (name of niche) topics they are interested in and mention that we are considering offering a membership site for them…

We utilized your WordPress theme from the SimpleSixFigures training to set it up. On the main website I offer some (Name of niche) recommendations and one of them has an Affiliate program so I should get some passive income from that as I build my list.

I wanted to share our success with you because I am impressed by your level of care and concern for your subscribers/customers and the fact that you are living out your faith for everyone to see! Keep it up. You are laying up much treasure in Heaven Paul!

Please keep the specifics of our launch confidential so the “competition” doesn’t get our “battle plans”

I hope you and your family had a Blessed Christmas and I know you are all

looking forward to a Fantastic 2010 New Year Celebration!

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This is encouraging Paul, as I’m finding that all of your “Nicheology” letters are. Your teachings are coming at just the right time for me, not a coincedence I’m sure. I always feel inspired when I read Nicheology and I’m so thankful to have met you through Carrie. I’ve narrowed down my focus now to learning only from Carrie and her Mastermind group. I was at the live event last October and you were one of my favorite speakers!

Wow! Very encouraging email. And I have to say that it is good to see other ‘real people’ like myself that are a part of Nicheology and are utilizing the great training, support and materials offered there.

And that’s the thing about being clear about who you are to your list, audience, circle of influence. Because you are so real and authentic yourself Paul, you attract ‘real people’.

Again, excited and delighted to be a part of Nicheology with you and my fellow members. Good luck to you Patrick!

Very impressive Paul – thanks for sharing. This post comes at a time when things have been overwhelming for me. This message puts things into great perspective for me. I agree with Patrick that you have the level of care and concern like no other – maybe not his exact words but I think we all get the content of his message.

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